Storms Will Clear Indiana Overnight, Windy with Falling Temps Monday

We’ve had a couple warnings through the wee hours of Monday morning along with a few storm reports.  Trees were reported down in Cloverdale and Greencastle along with a garage door blown in near Gosport.  But for most areas, a period of gusty winds followed by heavy rain was enough to wake you up, but not bad enough for severe t-storm warnings.  Things will be improving as the sun rises with only a couple scattered rain showers expected in the morning (maybe a snow shower or two in the afternoon).  Rain totals of more than 1/2″ have also been accompanied by the storms.

Temperatures spiked up into the 50s ahead of the storms (impressive stat for you: we’ve now had 8 days this January with highs in the 50s!) but plan on falling temps through the day on Monday.

Another thing to keep in mind: strong gusty winds on Monday prompting a WIND ADVISORY (winds could gust to 45 mph).

The rest of the week looks fairly quiet…we might get some rain late Wednesday and early Thursday (heaviest south of Indy) and temperatures for the most part will be above average for this time of year!  We could even make another try for near 50 by Friday!

Take Care…it’s been a crazy day/night/morning!  Chuck Lofton is in with your Sunrise forecast starting at 4:30 am and I’ll see you back here for 13 Eyewitness News at noon!

Time to catch some z’s.

Chikage Windler


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