Storm Recap and Another Round Monday?

The latest round of strong afternoon summer storms are over… with house fires, flooded streets and wind damage in its wake.  Several storms congealed into a compact burst of strong wind, torrential rain, and nearly non-stop lightning.  Main impacts were from Martinsville-west side of Indianapolis-to just north of 465.

RADAR2Storm spotters reported over 2″ of rain in less than 90 minutes, and Flash Flooding in the narrow strip you see on radar rainfall estimate map.  RADAR The SkyTrak13 WeatherBug site at Fishback Elementary in Traders Point topped-out over 2.5″! RAIN_REPORTS_2 Like clockwork, the storms diminish in the stable/rain-cooled atmosphere near sunset. RPM Though isolated showers are possible overnight, most places remain dry through mid-morning. RPM_1 LOWS_TONIGHT  With no air mass changes we’ll wake up to muggy lows near 70… and get ready to do the storm dodge again Monday afternoon.  RPM_4 highs_tomorrow (1) Hot, humid highs in the upper 80s combined with an upper-level disturbance triggers new storms… some of which could be strong to severe.  Much like the past two days, not everyone gets wet but locally heavy rain/lightning/strong wind very possible.  RPM_5 No significant changes to the weather set-up results in daily chances of storms during the afternoon/early evening.   7day Long model guidance continues to support notion of a slightly cooler set-up next weekend.  Stay tuned for changes – Sean Ash