Start Of Fall A Few Hours Away

It’s a sunny finish to the astronomical summer in central Indiana…but temperatures that feel more like fall.

TEMPS3pm readings remain under 70 degress for most spots, though highs should climb above 70 over the next few hours.

 EVENINGThe autumnal equinox, which marks the astronomical start of fall, occurs at 4:44pmEDT… when the sun’s most direct rays pass across the equator.  This also marks a day of “nearly” the same of daylight versus night of 12 hours…though it’s not always exact.


The average high today of 75 will drop to 37 on December 21st when the winter solstice occurs.  But long range mode data continues to advertise a rather warm first week of fall… as highs will take a gradual climb back into the 80s.  I’ll have an updated work week forecast soon – Sean Ash