Springing into More Record Warmth!

Our high hit 82 today beating the old record of 76 from
1921. We’ve now hit record highs 5 of the last 6 days
along with 8 straight highs of 70+ (a record for

More records will likely fall with a high tomorrow of
84 (record is 80 in 1894) and Wednesday with a high of
83 (record is 82 in 1907). Thursday, I’m forecasting
just shy of a record, but it could be close. I’m
forecasting 81. The record: 82 in 1907.

Late Thursday through early Sunday, we have chances of
rain and cooler temperatures…that will still be well
above the average highs this time of year in the 50s!

What a way to welcome Spring! (The Vernal Equinox
occurs at 1:14am).

And how’s this for a contrast? On March 19, 1906, we picked up 12.1″ of snow!! That’s the most in one single calendar day for Indianapolis on record!

Enjoy the weather!


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