Soggy Night For Some

An axis of rain will slowly move into central Indiana by 10pm, with a wet evening between now and then along and north of a line from Lafayette-Kokomo-Hartford City.



With the best lift remaining along the cold front in northern Indiana, and a relatively dry air mass along the I-70 corridor… it will take awhile for conditions to become saturated enough for rain around the Indy metro area.  But sprinkles/showers are fair game by 10pm and will be in play until 4-5am Monday morning.


Steadier rain and earlier arrival will put higher rain amounts in north central Indiana…. where a half-inch is possible.  Farther south, a quarter-inch or less can be expected along the I-70 corridor.  It appears southern Indiana gets the short end of the rain stick this time around.


Most rain should be out of the state by 7am, and I don’t anticipate many bus stops having rain Monday morning.  But clouds will definitely linger for much of the day tomorrow.  The gloominess will have more bark than bite, and expect a brighter sky by 4-5pm when you’re heading home from work.


The combination of clouds and an undercutting northeast breeze keeps daytime highs cooler than normal in the lower 70s.



highs_tomorrow RAIN_REPORTS_2

The little rain tonight is welcome, but will do very little to impact the rain deficit that’s over 5″ since June 1st.


However, long range guidance continues to advertise a wetter pattern this week… with scattered storms possible to likely Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday offers the our best widespread rain set up, and the “potential” of an 1″ for many backyards.  Let’s hope that idea continues.  Thanks for reading the blog and have a great evening – Sean Ash