Snuggie Up

Okay, I’m a sucker, I bought a Snuggie.

It’s a blanket with arms. 

Seriously who would ever need one of these?  Well, I do! 

I am always freezing in the weather center.  Our “office” is in the studio, and in order to keep the equipment safe, the room is kept cool.  No complaints from me, except, I am always cold. 

Enter the Snuggie!  A few of my other weather friends say it’s the perfect solution to keep them warm in their studios.  So, I bought one.  To be honest, I was a little embarrassed when I picked it up.  I was at a local Target, found a sales associate, and told a white lie that I was buying it for a friend.  Would you really want to be associated with a Snuggie?  It’s a running joke.  But, I fessed up and found a pretty neutral color.  I figured that it would blend into the weather center a little more.  I wanted to go all out and get the Zebra print, but I figured I’d go a little more subdued!

So here I am in my Snuggie.  (Click the link!)  I really do wear it when I’m preparing my forecast and graphics.  The all Snuggie weather wall, isn’t coming any time soon.

The box says one size fits all, um, not so much for me!  I look more like a Stars War character… hmmm… Halloween is right around the corner!  Maybe I could just turn it around!