Severe Threat Increasing For Southern-Half Of Indiana

Complex set-up this afternoon in Central Indiana due to rain-cooled outflow from northern segment of a broken line of storms that extends southwestward to Arkansas.  The outflow has stabilized the air mass north of I-70…where heavy rain/thunder are the main storm threats.

Along and south of this outflow boundary is where better sunshine/heating exists, and where wind shear/instability has a better chance to produce severe storms.  I expect a new tornado watch to be issued at some point this afternoon for this area.

The southern segment of the broken line will pivot northeastward out of southern Illinois this evening and keeps severe weather in play well past 5pm central/southern viewing area.  Still a long way to go for the all clear.

For good reason, much of the focus has been on damaging wind/tornado potential.  Due to recent heavy rain, and additional heavy rain this evening… flash flooding is real concern.  1-3″+ rain amounts will make roads flood quickly.  (CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW TO ENLARGE)