Second Wave Of Wintry Mix Arriving

Radar at 3pm shows the anticipated second wave of moisture moving into Central Indiana… with a primary focus on areas along and south of the I-70 corridor.  Despite the radar image below showing mostly “blue”, there have been reports of sleet and freezing rain in Morgan County.


Radar analysis suggests this slug of moisture will be most felt south of Indianapolis, as dry air appears to be winning the war on this second disturbance.


Though I’ve got Indianapolis in a 1-3″ potential range this evening, it’s conceivable most accumulation will occur south of the city in somewhat better moisture fields.


The bigger story overnight may prove to be the refreezing of slushy/wet roads as temperatures drop into the single digits by 7am Monday morning.  I’d definitely plan on extra time in the morning and potential school delays too.

lows highs tomorrow

Under cloud cover and a persistent northeast wind, daytime highs Monday will struggle to hit 20 degrees in most backyards throughout Central Indiana.

Lastly let me admit the obvious that this storm didn’t produce as initial forecast.  Though downward adjustments in snow potential were made this morning… this forecast ultimately busted due to higher impact of drier air from a stronger push from Arctic high pressure.  It’s frustrating, it happens and I’m just as upset as some of you.

Ultimately it is a forecast and after some 53 inches this winter it’s impossible to get everyone spot on.  We try our best but it comes with the territory.


The next few days will be unseasonably cold before air modifies and highs return to the 40s later in the week.  Safe travels this evening and thanks for visiting the blog – Sean Ash

3 thoughts on “Second Wave Of Wintry Mix Arriving”

  1. You do the best you can. I am just glad that it did not produce as much as was originally forecast. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hope you’re not going to make a commercial patting yourselves on the back for this forecast? As of yesterday, we were in the 6-10 inch range for snow. I took tomorrow off to avoid this mess. As of 6:00 p.m. today, we had about 2 inches of snow here in Noblesville (if that?).Very disappointed.:(

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