Second Coolest July on Record

It’s no secret that it hasn’t felt like summer, but just how cool has July been?

Here’s  a break down of July by the National Weather Service.  Warning, lots of numbers… but nice!

July 2009 at Indianapolis will go into the record books as the second coolest of record.  The average monthly temperature is near 71 degrees…about 4.5 degrees below normal.  This is about 0.5 degrees higher than record cool mark of 70.6 degrees set in 1947.  The average maximum temperature of 79 degrees is a record…besting the previous mark of 81 degrees set exactly 100 years ago.  For a comparison…the average temperature for July is 75.6 degrees with an average maximum temperature of 85.6 degrees.

All of July’s daily average temperatures have been below normal except for the 10th and 28th.  The average temperature was normal on the 29th.  The temperature  failed to reach 90 degrees in July for the first time since 2004. This is the 9th July since 1871 to not reach 90 degrees. Typically 7 days in July reach 90 degrees.

Indianapolis has seen only 3 days with a temperature of 85 degrees or higher. This has never happened since weather records began in 1871.  The previous record was 7 days set in 1875.

This July set a record for the number of days not reaching 80 degrees. There have been 14 days. The average is 5. The previous record of 12 occurred in 1909 and 1915.  During July a record low maximum temperature was set on the 4th, 19th, and 23rd