Record March in the Books, Plus Severe Storms and Big Warmth for April Fool’s

Warmest March!  It will be official at midnight…2012 the warmest March on record!  Records date back to 1871 for Indy.

Above Average Streak Rolls On: We may have had a cooler than average high of only 54 Saturday, but since the low was warmer than average, the day as a whole goes down as an above average day.  That makes 22 straight if you’re counting, and you know I am!

Severe Risk: A severe t-storm watch was posted ‘til 5am for parts of Eastern Iowa into Illinois.  If those storms hold together as they push into Indiana, it’s possible a watch will be issued for parts of Northern and Central Indiana.  For now, areas from Indy points east are highlighted in a slight risk of severe for Sunday.  Primary threat: Hail.

Record Heat: After a warm front moves through Sunday (and after the storms blow through), we’ll watch temps soar into the 70s to near 80.  I think we’ll get close to a record Sunday (record is 82 set in 2010, forecasting 79), and we could break a record Monday (record is 81 set in 2010, forecasting 82).

More Storms: Storms possible late Monday through early Wednesday, and possibly Thursday to our south.  A fairly active weather week ahead.

Enjoy the Rest of Your Weekend,
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