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Record March in the Books, Plus Severe Storms and Big Warmth for April Fool’s

By · March 31, 2012 at 11:49 pm

Warmest March!  It will be official at midnight…2012 the warmest March on record!  Records date back to 1871 for Indy.

Above Average Streak Rolls On: We may have had a cooler than average high of only 54 Saturday, but since the low was warmer than average, the day as a whole goes down as an above average day.  That makes 22 straight if you’re counting, and you know I am!

Severe Risk: A severe t-storm watch was posted ‘til 5am for parts of Eastern Iowa into Illinois.  If those storms hold together as they push into Indiana, it’s possible a watch will be issued for parts of Northern and Central Indiana.  For now, areas from Indy points east are highlighted in a slight risk of severe for Sunday.  Primary threat: Hail.

Record Heat: After a warm front moves through Sunday (and after the storms blow through), we’ll watch temps soar into the 70s to near 80.  I think we’ll get close to a record Sunday (record is 82 set in 2010, forecasting 79), and we could break a record Monday (record is 81 set in 2010, forecasting 82).

More Storms: Storms possible late Monday through early Wednesday, and possibly Thursday to our south.  A fairly active weather week ahead.

Enjoy the Rest of Your Weekend,
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