Record February Snow!

Your back is aching, and your feet are frozen from stepping in snow all month, well, it may all go down in the record books! (Does that make you feel any better?)

Who’s sick of snow?  Do I even have to ask that question?

Monday, Indianapolis had record-setting snow.  At the National Weather Service 6.3″ of snow fell, that breaks the old record of 5.8″ back in 1964.  For the month of February we usually pick up 6.1″ for the entire month!

This is going to be a lot of number crunching, but, you’ll get the idea that we are having one heck of a snowy winter!

So far this month, we’ve had 16.4″ of snow fall.  The record for February snowfall is 21.7″ back in 2003.  So, just a few more inches and we could hit another record.

This winter, 32″ of snow has fallen.  Already we are about 10 inches above normal for this time of year!  We just need .2″ more snow to fall to put this winter in the top 10 snowiest on record.

Here’s a peek at the top 10 snowiest winters!

1981-1982:  51″

1977-1978:  49.7″

2002-2003:  46.9″

1973-1974:  39.3″

1995-1996:  37.8″

1978-1979:  37.8″

1983-1984:  32.6″

1892-1893:  32.4″

1909-1910:  32.3″

1917-1918:  32.2″

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