Raw Day Followed By Near Record Lows Overnight

Many areas have seen snow and sleet showers today, and that mixed bag of precip will slide southward and out of Central Indiana by 8pm.

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Above are just two examples of the wintry precipitation from today.  Temperatures underneath the cloud cover were some 20 degree below normal… but what we’ve been expecting for nearly a week.

highs today

As of 4pm, the high in Indianapolis is only 40 degrees which is a record low max for this date and the city’s coldest October “high” temperature in 20 years.


Tonight temperatures will make a run at another record… the record low, which is 25 set in 1887.  Our forecast high of 26 would be the city’s coldest October “temperature” since 1997.  With or without the record, a hard freeze is likely area wide.


Clouds clear later this evening in the wake of our sleet/snow maker and temps plummet without a blanket overhead to insulate the little warmth we do have from daytime.


Thankfully the clear sky will allow for a decent rebound Friday afternoon as highs near 50 degrees.  That’s still well below normal, but much more pleasant than today.

highs tomorrow RPM_3 RPM_4

Saturday will be even warmer but the trade off will be a breezy southwest wind up to 30mph.


Next week looks at or slightly above normal, but good chances of rain between Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  Much uncertainty regarding the evolution of an Ohio Valley storm system on/around Halloween… with large model differences.  For now there is storm potential, but to be determined if we’re on the warm or cold side of the storm track.  Stay tuned, have a great evening and thanks for reading the blog – Sean Ash