Rain, not Snow…but Remember October 18th, 1989?

It was a dreary and damp and chilly day complete with thunderstorms and even some small hail…but at least it didn’t snow!






Snow:  Today is the date of Indy’s earliest measurable snow!  Oct. 18, 1989 we picked up .2” with a freak snowstorm.  The storm went on to dump 9.3” in Indy from the 18th through 20th…the heaviest October snowstorm on record.

Rain: Most spots have seen between 1/3-1/2” of rain today with more scattered showers moving in from the south.  Tomorrow, we could get up to ½” additional and possibly up to ¼” on Thursday. 

Hail/Graupel: Some of the t-storms that developed early evening included pea-sized hail and graupel (soft ice pellets).  Here’s a link to some video shot by meteorologist and weather spotter Lucas Reese in Muncie: http://www.twitvid.com/ESLAA  None of the storms were severe, but we did get several pictures on facebook showing quite a bit of hail including this from Yorktown courtesy of Mitchell Fry.








Cold: Today’s high of 47 was the coldest since 42 on March 30th!  Tomorrow and Thursday could also end up in the 40s, but I went with a high of 50 thinking we might bump up under cloudy skies if it’s not raining the entire day.  It will actually feel colder tomorrow and Thursday, however, because of strong gusty winds out of the north and northwest.

 Wind: Still expecting gusts late tomorrow out of the north 30 mph+ and gusts Thursday that could top 40 mph.

 Frost: If skies clear out early enough in the wee hours of Friday morning, we could reach mid 30s for lows.  If clouds take their time pushing out…we could be a bit warmer.  But Saturday morning, with light winds and clear skies…a frost looks likely.

 Weekend: Dry Saturday…a front approaches Sunday (with very little moisture).  I threw in a questionable chance of a late shower Sunday and early shower Monday to account for this.

Take Care and thanks for checking in!

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  1. I remember! I have pictures os my kids building a snowman right next to big bags of leaves (the leaf bags looked like big pumpkins) and they were covered with snow!

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