Radar Glowing Green

Rain has moved in, or is that some kind of Halloween trick?

I wish this was a Halloween trick, but unfortunately, the rest of our Friday afternoon looks rather soggy.  Rain showers have moved in and are here to stay past midnight.  For the most part rain will be light, but a few more moderate showers are possible.  Winds will stay pretty stiff out there, gusting up to 35mph.  So, if you’re heading out to any Operation Football games, prepare the rain gear and bundle up! 

You can keep up to date on the rain by using our interactive radar to zoom into your neighborhood.

By late Halloween morning the rain should mostly be gone.  We may have a few stray sprinkles that stick with us for the day, but most spots will remain mainly dry.  Highs Saturday will only reach the mid 50s.  For trick or treat-ing temps will be around 50 degrees with mainly dry conditions.

Sunday, we’ll see more sunshine as high reach the mid 50s.  Tailgating for the Colts game should be fine!  (A little chilly, but at least we’re not talking snow!)