Perfect Timing For Pleasant Weather

The calm after the storms is here for several days and sets central Indiana up for a fantastic Indianapolis 500 weekend.  Those mid-levels clouds today have more bark than bite and should generally clear after early Friday morning.


The advertised drier air is noticeable in dew points that are more comfortable in the lower 50s.  This will allow you to give the air conditioners a break tonight and open the windows if pollen doesn’t bother you.

PLANNER_2 highs

Speaking of… pollen levels will remain medium to high well into next week.  Expect low to mid 50s at the track Friday morning if you’re heading out to Carb Day.  Plenty of sunshine from start to finish tomorrow and comfortably mild highs in the middle 70s.

RPM RPM_1 highs2

Another ideal set up for the 500 Festival Parade Saturday, that includes afternoon temperatures in the upper 70s.

PARADE RPM_2 highs3 INDY500

No big changes needed to our Indianapolis 500 forecast… still looks sunny and pleasant in the morning and bright/warm in the afternoon.  Summer heat builds into the region just in time for Memorial Day and last well into the second half of next week.  Have a great evening – Sean Ash