One Snow Down, A Bigger Event Down The Road?

Nature certainly flipped the switch on central Indiana, with a fresh 1″ to 3″ snowfall and a temperature tumble over the past 24 hours.

Bloomington, Columbus, and Marshall (not pictured) get a trophy for highest snowfall totals.  You can view a more extensive list via the National Weather Service Indianapolis here.

The 1.9″ snow at Indianapolis International Airport is the city’s highest snowfall since the 1.6″ that fell on February 14th earlier this year.  That pushes the season total up to 2.1″, but well shy of the average of 5″ for this time of year.

A wicked wind continues to blow across the region… producing gusts over 35-40mph and wind chills in the single digits this afternoon.  It’s definitely a wind of change, with 24 hour temperature departures nearing 30° colder!

With a clearing sky and fresh snow on the ground, lows tonight will reach their coldest levels in 10 months.

These numbers may actually be too warm.  It’s safe to say mid-teens are a given Saturday morning, with subzero wind chills!

Saturday will be much brighter, but also there will be a bigger temperature hole to dig out of.  Highs slowly climb into the lower 30s.

After a dry weekend two systems enter the 7day forecast next week.  Christmas Eve day there is a chance of either a wintry mix or just cold rain.  However, confidence is low on this system’s impacts in central Indiana.  Wednesday remains a focal point of the long range outlook.  With highly valued computer models continuing to paint a snowy solution.

Obviously not set in stone this far out, but definitely noteworthy that both the European and GFS models are persistent in placing central Indiana in a favorable position for heavy snow.  Below IS NOT  a forecast, but merely model snowfall output from the latest GFS run.  This is why we’ll be watching Wednesday closely.  Both models are indicating the “potential” for 5″ in the viewing area.  Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend.

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