Nearing Record High At 1pm

It’s now 93 in Indianapolis with a dangerous heat index of 100.  Central Indiana continues to bake under full sunshine, and we expect the record high of 95 to either be tied or broken at the top of the hour.


If the city “breaks” the record… it would mark only the 30th September day since 1871 with a temperature of 96 degrees or higher.  Very rare air you’re experiencing today, and really Wednesday too.


As advertised for many days now… we’re still on target for a refreshing change of pace heading into the weekend.  In fact, the low of 74 in Indianapolis this morning will likely be warmer than high temps in the city Friday and Saturday.  With lows dipping into the 40s Saturday morning you’ll need to dust of the coats!

An updated 7 day forecast coming shortly – Sean Ash