Much Advertised Warm Up Arrives

For nearly seven days now we’ve been forecasting an unseasonably warm start to the month of December.  That forecast comes to fruition this weekend.  But let’s not leave out a fabulous Friday afternoon… perfect timing for the Big 10 Fan Fest!

With an average high of 45°, we’re well into bonus territory in the mid/upper 50s today.  Today will be the sunniest of the next three or four afternoons.  Clouds increase Saturday, and a decent chance of rain on Sunday.  Below is the latest FutureTrak 13 for the second half of the weekend.

The SkyTrak Forecast team has also been highlighting Monday as the warmest day of this balmy start of December.  Latest data continues to suggest temperature anomalies of 20°+F.  If this verifies, we’ll need to keep an eye on the December 3rd record high 69°.  It’s not a good practice to forecast record temperatures beyond 72 hours, and am going to go 66° for Monday now.  Adjustments (up or down) may be needed depending on cloud cover.

Temperatures tumble to reality after the passage of cold front Tuesday.  Expect rain, and possibly thunderstorms, during this transition.  New long-range data suggests the chill only lasts Wednesday, and we may return quickly to the 50s Thursday/Friday.  If this trend continues the 7day will be adjusted accordingly.

Have a great afternoon and weekend!

Sean Ash

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