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Mostly dry week

By · April 19, 2010 at 10:42 am

What a marvelous day in Indiana. After seeing frost in some rural areas this morning, we will warm up to 64, the average high for this time of April, later today. For those of you sneezing and coughing from the pollen, rain on Thursday will help settle down the high pollen count. We will, by the way, stay dry until Thursday.

– Chuck Lofton



Did anyone see the meteor about 6:25 am we were traveling south on 135 it was south of 144 to the east of 135. It was large and about half the size of full moon with a whitish green streaky tail.


Hello Chuck and other forecasters, please try to include a helpful phrase about weather systems so we not only know where they are but also where they are going. Unfortunately most folks in the a.m. are only listening so a comment like: “This storm is SW of Indy heading NW at approx 25 mph”, or some form of predictive destination comment so we will know what to expect a bit later. Just announcing where a storm is does not help so much – Thanks !! Keep up the great work – Stan R.

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