More Sunshine Ahead

If you love the sunshine, you’ll love the forecast over the next few days. If you’re hoping for rain, there’s a chance of that in there too!

Highs today will reach about 80 degrees with mostly sunny skies. 

Tonight, a bit of a change, with temperatures dropping to the mid 50s in the metro.  I think some spots like Bloomington and Muncie could drop to the upper 40s, so you might need a light jacket tomorrow morning.

We seem to stay dry through Saturday with temperatures in the upper 70s.

Our next chance for rain comes Sunday, we’ll watch the forecast closely to see how that pans out.

A lot of people have asked me if we’re in a drought because we haven’t seen a lot of rain lately.  The short answer, no.  A drought is a condition that develops over several months or even years.  Keep in mind that we’re at least 6.50 inches above average in terms of rainfall for 2009 based on the yearly average.