More Record Warmth!

Record Warmth:  We hit 80 Sunday setting another record high (old record was 76 in 1903).  We have now set record highs 4 of the last 5 days with the potential to tie or break records Monday through Wednesday!

Records: Monday 78 (1921), Tuesday 80 (1894), Wednesday 82 (1907)

Forecast: Monday 81, Tuesday 83, Wednesday 82

We also have now seen a record-setting 7 straight days with highs of 70 or warmer, beating the old record of 6 straight during the month of March (1998)


We Could Get Close to the All-Time Warmest March Temp:  Back on March 31, 1981, Indy hit 85.  We have the best shot at that on Tuesday.

Storm Chances: An isolated non-severe shower/storm could pop Monday, but most areas stay dry until late Thursday.  Showers & storms are possible late Thursday through Sunday morning.  The rain will bring us “cooler” temps, still 10 to 15 degrees above “normal” by the weekend.

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