Mild then Wet This Week

*Warmth: We hit 52 today and despite a weak cold front moving through overnight, tomorrow’s temps will only be a couple degrees cooler…still around 50! We have a shot at 60s by Wednesday!

*Triple Conjunction Sunday Night: Thanks to clear skies we once again were able to see the triangle in the night sky…this time the crescent moon was closest to Jupiter (upper left) and above Venus. Jupiter and Venus will continue to get closer and closer together as we head into March

*Rain: Rain is likely late Tuesday (even a chance of thunderstorms) into early Wednesday morning. We could get up to ½” of rain…heavier amounts to the south. (Meanwhile, the first major winter storm of the season is targeting the Upper Midwest – a foot or more possible in Minneapolis-St. Paul!) Another chance of rain for us Friday.

*Weekend Snow Chance: There’s a slight chance we might see flurries Saturday morning and possibly some snow showers Sunday – but with highs both days in the 40s, and very little moisture – this is meager at best.

Have a great week!