Major Winter Storm Brewing

Snow, freezing rain, ice, and just plain rain, it’s all in the forecast this week, and it could create very dangerous conditions around Central Indiana.

Highs today will reach the low to mid 30s with a mix of sun and clouds.

Overnight, temps in the teens with mostly cloudy skies.

Now, for the meat in this forecast.  Monday morning’s commute will be dry… we are looking for freezing rain/sleet/snow to develop during the afternoon for Central Indiana.  A light wintry mix will be likely Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Tuesday through Wednesday the National Weather Service has already issued a Winter Storm Watch for the viewing area, and this will more than likely be upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning, and more specific warnings as the track of the storm becomes more apparent. 

Bottom line Tuesday through Wednesday, freezing rain/ heavy snow/ sleet are likely.  The track of the area of low pressure will be key with this system.  Any movement North or South by as little as 30-50 miles will change the outlook for your neighborhood.  Ice accumulations may be possible, and this could cause power outages and hazardous travel weather. 

For now, along and South of I-70 looks to see freezing rain and ice, heavy snow could set up around Lafayette and Kokomo.  Remember, a change in the track of the low pressure would change this outcome. 

As far as snow totals, it depends how much wintry mix comes before everything turns to snow on Wednesday.  Blowing and drifting snow will be a concern Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night.

I’m not trying to sound like doom and gloom, but be prepared for a significant storm through Wednesday night.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

15 thoughts on “Major Winter Storm Brewing”

  1. Nicole,
    Is it very likely this shift south at all? We live in pendleton, IN and I DO NOT want an ice storm…Scary thought with little kids and no power and zero degrees on thursday…Seems like it’s gone south a bit since late last night?

  2. April, I don’t want to scare you… but the ice/snow line will be a very fine line. We are waiting for more data to come in as the track of the storm will more than likely change before it moves in Monday night and Tuesday.

  3. Our daughter is currently in Indiana and should fly back to Europe on Wednesday from Indianapolis… so we will keep checking the weather.

  4. This will be awesome!! I havent seen a good winter storm in Indianapolis for a long time. Which area of the US is this coming from?

  5. What do you expect the snow totals to look like at this point?
    I realize that it is a little early and depending on the track and where the lows converge…but take a stab at it.. (I am in the Lafayette area)

    I appreciate your forecast – you do a great job (I always watch WTHR instead of the “TV” station locally

  6. I was wondering if this will be another one of those instances where we are warned about a big storm and then nothing happens? What are the percentages of this really hitting?

  7. Nicole,
    I live in Jackson County Indiana. Is this storm likely to hit here also? It’s not showed anything but I want to be prepared as much as possible for it.

  8. Nichole,

    Good Afternoon! Just following up with you regarding exactly where this storm is originating from? I have been looking on the radar maps and I am trying to see what direction the storm is coming from. We always seems to be right on the line when it comes to getting the bad snowstorms, this time I hope we get a BIG one! LOL! thanks for your help!

  9. I remember the last big ice storm we had. I was without power for 9 days and had to drive over 100 miles to get a generator for my house.
    Hopefully this one will not be as bad.

  10. Check out the latest blog for more info.

    Bottom line, prepare for accumulating ice for most of Central Indiana. Snow is possible NW of the metro. The track is still moving towards us from the SW, and change in direction will change the forecast.

  11. i can’t wait! i live just north of peru and its about time we get past this 2-3 inch stuff and get some real accumulations.

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