Latest On Winter Storm Potential With Initial Snowfall Forecast

We’re winding down the weekend with cloudy, cold conditions.  Temperatures tonight will dip into the teens with wind chills in the single digits to near zero.

The brunt of a winter storm narrowly misses our southern viewing area to the south tonight… but it should be noted that light snow  and a 1″ to 2″ accumulation is possible for cities like Bedford, Seymour and North Vernon.  Travel along and south of the Ohio River is not recommended overnight-Monday morning due to heavy snow of 4″ to 8″.

Our focus quickly shifts to the much talked about potential winter storm this week.  The timeline hasn’t changed… with the bulk of precipitation falling between Tuesday 4pm and Wednesday 7am.


The big fly in the ointment remains storm track, which is certainly not set in stone.  The upper storm remains off the coast of California and has yet to be fully sampled by weather balloons.  So big changes to our initial snow/sleet/ice zone (and amounts) are fair game. Based on the latest data sets, areas of all snow would receive 6 inches or more.  Presently it appears that will most likely occur along/north of I-70.

Too early to tell how far north the sleet zone will travel, which is why I’ve put a four to seven inch spread for areas just south of I-70.  Remember that less sleet means more snow.

In a nutshell this a moderate snow event with expected wind in the 10-20mph range.  We’ve certainly seen stronger storms, but travel will likely become a challenge Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.


Areas in southern Indiana (especially south of Bloomington-Columbus)  have the greatest chance of seeing more mixed precipitation if not plain rain…and a region we’re most concerned about icing.

I’d love to say this map will remain unchanged between now and Tuesday, but that’s not going to happen.  We will reevaluate and massage numbers/locations as needed data arrives.

Please check back several times between now and Tuesday as the forecast will undoubtedly change.


Snow should wrap up Wednesday midday and will be followed by a couple of cold days.  An active storm pattern remains in place with chances of snow heading into next weekend.  Currently the verdict is out on how strong these systems will be.  Thanks for reading the blog – Sean Ash


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  1. I would love to see a video about all the problems that you dealt with, because viewers somehow got advanced information about this storm. If you could let us know what initial predictions might have been, and how much they changed before you put out your forecast. And some info about the photoshopping incident and the problems it caused would be of interest. I have been a loyal follower for many years, and appreciate the way that you handle these situations. Regards Larry

  2. Better keep our snow shovels handy a bit longer folks! Thanks Sean for the weather information. Sure appreciate all the weather forecasters’s hard work…..with the help if all those great computer helps :)

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