Knozone Action Day & Warmer Temps

Like the heat? More 90 degree days are headed to Central Indiana!

Like the heat?  More 90 degree days are headed to Central Indiana!

Today will be the coolest day through the weekend as highs top out in the upper 80s.  Winds will be light out of the south up to 5 mph. 

A Knozone Action Day is in effect for many counties.  This means that people with breathing problems could have a harder time today.  To help improve the air quality, cut down on car idling, carpool, and don’t fill up your gas tank or mow your lawn until after 6pm.

So far this year Indianapolis has had 49 days of 90+ temps, we’ll add a few more to the tally this weekend.

In the 7 day forecast, the heat and humidity return.  Our next best chance for rain is Sunday night into Monday when scattered showers and thunderstorms will be likely.  It’s too early to tell if some storms may be severe.  Behind the rain are much cooler temps to kick off back to work and school next week.