Knozone Action Day & Near Record Heat

Near record heat is in the forecast this weekend!

Near record heat is in the forecast this weekend!

The normal high for today and tomorrow is 74, this weekend I’m forecasting 87 for both Saturday and Sunday!  It will be close to record heat.  The record high for Saturday and Sunday is 90 set back in 1977.  Enjoy the sunshine today, but make sure to slather on the sunscreen if you’ll be soaking up the sun.  Today is a Knozone Action Day.  If you can, avoid short car trips, don’t fill up your car before 6pm, and don’t cut the grass before then either.

Tonight temps drop to around 60 degrees with mostly clear skies.

As mentioned previously, Sunday will be another great day with highs in the upper 80s.  We’ll see a few more clouds for the afternoon.

It’s great to forecast a dry weekend when there is so much going on like the Broad Ripple Art Fair, and qualifications at the track, but we need rain!

It hasn’t rained in Indy since May 9th!  So far, we’ve picked up just over two inches of rain for the month of May.

Our next best chance for rain is Monday with scattered showers and storms.  A few may linger into Tuesday… then it’s back to a dry and warm pattern.

By the end of next week, temps are back in the mid to upper 80s, and we could be talking 90 next weekend!