If You Thought We Were Finished With 90-degree Heat, Think Again!

At 2pm today, the temperature hit 90 degrees in Indianapolis!  That’s just one more way for Mother Nature to remind us that this year has been anything but typical.  The average high this time of year is 79 and the average number of 90+ highs for Indy is only 15!  Today’s 90 brings our 2011 total to a whopping 42 days!







So where does that put us in the “standings” for 90+ heat?  Thanks to the National Weather Service for providing these stats:

Years With the Most Days of 90 degree Weather
1983 58
1936 55
1954 50
1988 49
1934 46
1953, 1941 45
1894 43
1933, 1913, 1895, 2011 42

We are now tied for 8th place for most 90s on record!  Impressive as that is, it’s a far cry from the record of 58 days set in 1983!

And with a very strong cold front on the way later today, our brief flirtation with 90 will be nothing but a memory in 24-hours.  Highs may only manage low 70s!  And Thursday and Friday’s highs may stay in the chilly 60s with wake-up temps in the low to mid 40s.  Summer now, fall later…and Mother Nature is clearly having fun with us!  My friends in Minnesota have already seen the impact of the front with upper 80s yesterday and FREEZE WATCHES hoisted for the first time this season!  Hoosiers won’t fall as far or as fast…but it will be a wild ride once that front moves through.

Take Care!

Chikage Windler

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