Ice / Snow Storm Brewing

A major winter system is headed towards Central Indiana. Power outages may be possible, and travel could be halted.

Highs today will reach the upper 20s with increasing clouds.  We’re looking for increasing clouds with a slight chance of a light wintry mix for the drive home.

Tonight, freezing rain will develop across the state.  Up to .10″ of ice is possible tonight.  Snow will develop around Lafayette and Kokomo.

Tuesday, more moisture surges into the state, and as of right now, ice accumulation is likely.  Up to one inch of ice will be possible around Central Indiana, especially along and south of I-70.  Heavy snow will develop in Northern Indiana, and towards the NW.  Chicago could pick up, up to two feet of snow!

Tuesday night, freezing rain continues, and will eventually turn to light snow on Wednesday when the area of low pressure causing this mess moves to the East.

This weather forecast needs to be taken seriously… power outages are possible, and travel may become impossible.  Please, stay tuned to the forecast and stay up to date on the track of the storm.  If it shifts, that could mean a different outcome for the state.

Thursday and Friday are dry and cold.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

6 thoughts on “Ice / Snow Storm Brewing”

  1. What is this storm looking like?? I drive about 30 miles to work each day from the westside to the northside. So I am still wondering if the roads are going to be horrible tomorrow morning or is most of the storm going to come during the day? And how much snow is central Indiana going to see by time this is all said and done with! I a curious! I would much rather have the 2 feet of snow that is going to hit Chicago than ice!!!!

  2. Has Anderson been placed in more of the “Ice” category than “Snow” category for this? I’ve been seeing estimates of above an inch of ice. I know it’s difficult to predict the exact track of something.

    Thanks for your hard work at keeping us informed.

  3. The roads are very bad and the Mayor of Indianapolis needs to call a State of Emergency. People do not need to be on the roads, so our road crew and get out there and do a good job! New York and New Jersey can call state of emergency why can’t Indianapolis do the same??

  4. Please remind people about their animals. This is very difficult for four legged members of our families.

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