Hottest in Nearly 25 Years Possible

Tuesday was gorgeous and pleasant here in Indy with a high of only 83, but look and the heat that’s lurking to our west! Those 90s and 100s are heading our way and we could tie some records in the process!

We’ll make it into the low 90s on Wednesday, hot, but not record hot. Thursday and Friday that could change with triple digits possible both days. If we make it to 101 Thursday and 100 Friday we will tie records dating back to 1934!

So just how long has it been? The last time we hit 100 was just last year in September, but you have to go all the way back to 1988 for the last 101 and 102 degree highs! That’s nearly a quarter of a century! In case you’re wondering, the all-time hottest ever for Indy is 106 – most recently on July 14, 1936.

Along with the heat comes another concern: High Wildfire Danger. A FIRE WEATHER WATCH has been hoisted for Thursday for most of the state due to the combination of heat around 100, winds gusting to 25 mph, and humidity as low as 20%!

What we need is some rain to help cool us down and lessen the drought. Our chances are not looking very good at this point. There’s a 30% chance of showers/storms late Friday (mainly north/east of Indy), then a 20% chance on Saturday and Sunday. Translation: most areas will likely stay dry. And though the heat will ease a bit after Friday, we’re still looking at mid 90s from the weekend through the 4th of July.

Finally, our Hoosier Pic of the Day from Teresa Zimmerman in New Palestine. She shared this photo of a little “Thriller!” I’m guessing he can do a mean moonwalk! Submit your pic here: or here:

Take Care!
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