Heavy Snow Next Several Hours

Snow rates over Central Indiana will increase quickly this evening, with one to two inches per hour expected between 5pm and 3am tonight.  Road conditions will deteriorate rapidly and accumulations up to 10 inches or more are possible over a large portion of the viewing area.


The high side of the forecast seems likely given latest radar analysis, snow reports, and building atmospheric lift.  Don’t be surprised if you hear thunder this evening in heavier snow bands.  Even if you don’t see 10 inches of snow…the snow you do see occurs over a short period of time.  Many roads will become impassable this evening, and will be flat-out dangerous.


It’s feast or famine for cities like Seymour, Bedford, North Vernon.  “If” you don’t see any mixing of sleet or freezing rain, then you’re staring down the higher snow totals.  At this point it’s too tough to call.  But there should be a heavy snow burst of 3-6″ this evening before any mixing occurs.  We’re still not ruling out significant icing for these areas either.


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  1. How will we know if the courthouse in downtown Indy is closed on Wednesday for jury duty? Will that be included in the closing sand delay list?

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