Heavy Rain Today

A cold front will move through Central Indiana today, with it, expect heavy rain and gusy wind.

Here comes the rain.  Highs today will only reach the mid 60s with heavy rain developing as we head into the afternoon.  Keep the umbrella handy, but also make sure you hold onto it tight!  Wind gusts today could get up to 35mph.  The good news about it, is that it’s a South breeze, so at least we’ll stay somewhat warm.

Operation football will be wet and muddy tonight!  The rain looks to come to an end after the games wrap up, so at least the forecast is looking up for the weekend!

Halloween will be breezy, but we’ll be drying out.  Highs will only reach the mid 50s.  Bundle up the little ones as they go out to get candy, trick or treat temps will be between 48 and 52 degrees.

Sunday, more sunshine pops out but temps remain cool, only reaching the mid 50s.