Heat, Humidity, & Storms Return

So much for our break from hot and steamy weather, it all comes back starting today.

Get ready for heat and humidity to make a major comeback to Central Indiana.

Highs today will reach about 90 degrees, but will feel much warmer with sticky conditions.  Isolated thunderstorms are possible, especially as we head into the afternoon and evening.

Saturday and Sunday highs hit the low 90s, but it will feel closer to 100 with the heat index (actual temp + humidity).  Isolated afternoon storms will be possible both days.  Some storms may be strong.  The weekend will not be a washout, but check the radar if you have outdoor plans, especially for the afternoon/evening.

Think ahead of staying cool.  Drink plenty of water, and don’t spend extended periods of time outside if you don’t have to.

The heat and humidity sticks around through next week, with temps around 90.  There’s a daily chance of storms too.

Indianapolis Five Day Weather Forecast