Heat, Humidity, Storm Chances Increase This Week

Showers from earlier this evening are all but gone, though a slight rain chance remains overnight into early Tuesday morning.


Radar rainfall estimates, and station observations, reveal a .10″ to .25″ in a narrow strip from Rensselaer to Richmond… with only a trace falling at the WTHR studios in downtown Indianapolis.  We’ve been advertising a spike in the Muggy Meter, and that’s still on target.  After enjoying comfortable air, increasing dewpoints will reach the oppressive level (70°+) Wednesday morning.


The increased moisture will be noticeable Tuesday morning… both in the comfort level and warmer temperatures to start the day.  Lows for the kids at the bus stop will be in the mid 60s, as opposed to the mid 50s from Monday morning.


There is a slight shower/storm chance Tuesday, but I wouldn’t let that deter you from enjoying the Indiana State Fair.  Expect warmer highs in the mid 80s tomorrow though.

highs_tomorrow RPM (1)

Future Trak 13 shows the little coverage of precip expected for Tuesday in the image above.  We’ve had Wednesday highlighted as a higher rain chance day, and “potential” for strong/severe storms.  I see nothing at this point to deviate from that thinking.  But admittedly timing, exact location, and coverage is still very “iffy” at this juncture.  Stay tuned for updates.

RPM_1 (1) 850MB

Central Indiana is sandwiched between much cooler air to the north-northeast and the hot dome that’s plagued the southern Plains with record breaking heat.  On the edge of the hot air, and near the northwesterlies of the upper jet, will be stormy episodes… with potential local impact Wednesday into Friday.


Our position in relation to the jet will keep our temperatures near normal.  So I’d expect highs in the mid 80s… though we could conceivable go above or below norm if the upper pattern changes in either direction.

Many have asked about this summer, and how “cool” it’s been.  I crunched some numbers… and up to this point the average daily temp is around 1° below the overall summer norm.


However, when compared to the past three summers (all three of which are in the Top 10 warmest on record for Indianapolis) it’s been significantly cooler… but closer to what our summer should be.


My latest 7 day forecast reflects my thinking of near normal temps, but noticeably warmer lows near 70° for several days during mid-week when the “mugginess” peaks.  Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for visiting the blog – Sean Ash