Get Ready for Rain and Storms Tonight & Tomorrow Morning

What a day so far! Sunshine and high clouds have created some gorgeous photo ops! This morning, I shot a sundog on my way to work – that’s the prism-like patch of rainbow color to the right side of the sun, created when the sun’s rays pass through high, thin cirrus clouds which are made of ice crystals. Always a pretty sight!

By 2pm, the clouds have started to thicken a bit and temperatures continue to warm. 52 degrees and into the mid 50s later as a warm front lifts northward through the Hoosier State. Once the warm front is to our north, we’ll be in the “warm sector” which is the favored zone for thunderstorm development ahead of a cold front.

Scattered showers may develop this evening, but the best risk of heavy downpours and thunderstorms arrives after midnight and through around 9am. Some of the storms could turn strong to severe, and from Indy points east, a “slight risk” of severe storms will be with us in the morning. That’s the area shaded in yellow. The biggest risks include (1) high winds, (2) heavy rain, (3) isolated large hail.

This will impact the morning rush, so you may want to leave yourself some extra time in the morning and check in with Chuck Lofton (weather) and Mimi Pearce (traffic) on WTHR when you wake up. Here’s what FutureTrak13 is projecting for 8am tomorrow. Rain = green. Heavy rain or t-storms = yellow, orange or red.

We could pick up around 1/2″ of rain (more in the strongest storms) with the steady rain moving out by around 9am. After that, an isolated storm could pop later in the day, but most areas will turn dry, windy, and warm. We could hit upper 60s for highs (70s as close as Bloomington!) The average high is 45 degrees.

We’re dry and cooler (but still well above average) on Thursday in the 50s, then warm again with t-storm chances returning on Friday in the 60s. This upcoming weekend brings a colder pattern with an outside chance of scattered flurries (esp. Northeast Indiana) Saturday, and a chance of light rain/snow mix on Sunday. But anything that falls won’t stick around…highs will be just too warm!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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