Funnel Cloud Sunday Evening In Howard County

A rain-cooled outflow boundary from early day storms in southern Indiana provided just enough directional wind shear in northern Indiana to produce a harmless funnel cloud shortly before 8pm Sunday evening near Kokomo.  Storm Prediction Center mesoanalyis shows low level instability (in red) overlapping locally maximized surface vorticity with the lone cell in Howard County (circled in black) at 7:45pm.


Visible satellite also shows the low-topped (approximately 25-30,000feet) storm cloud that was relatively high based.  Being high based was one key factor in keeping the funnel aloft.


Radar analysis (reflectivity on left and velocity on right) just prior to 8pm shows rather broad, weak rotation… but rotation nonetheless (green and red colors near each other).


This microscale environment produced the funnel below that was witnessed by many in Howard County approximately around 7:50pm…along the US 31 Bypass

FUNNELHHGREGG (photo above courtesy of Alicia Hoover over H.H. Gregg’s on Markland)

GREENTOWN (photo above courtesy of Regina Carter near Greentown, IN along the US 31 Bypass between 7-7:3opm)

NEHOWARDCOUNTY(photo above courtesy of Susan Fisher NE Howard County around 7:45pm)

sharpsville(photo above via Sarah Hill Taylor 2 miles south of Sharpsville, IN at 7:50pm)


tipton(photo above courtesy of Jason Darts looking north from Tipton, IN)

CENTERROAD(photo above courtesy of Sharia Lawson Center Road & 931 in Kokomo around 8pm)