Frosty Morning, Fine Finish

Freeze Warning/Frost Advisory: North/East of Indy, temps could fall to 32 or colder by sunrise.  Indy points south/west looking at low to mid 30s for morning lows.  Protect your plants to be safe.  And this may not be the only time we see a frost or freeze threat.  Signs point to a significant cold snap heading here next week  (maybe even a shot at snow?).

Nice Rebound: After 30s to start, we’ll make our way into the upper 60s by late Tuesday afternoon with 70s on Wednesday!

Next Rain: Arrives early Wednesday morning as scattered showers/isolated storms.  Indiana is no longer in the severe risk – which has been shifted westward into Illinois.  Also scattered showers/storms possible Friday into Saturday and again on Monday.

Triple Conjunction: Another great clear night for enjoying the “Triple Conjunction” of the Crescent Moon with Jupiter and Venus!

Take Care!

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