From Record Highs…to Freezing Temps

Last week’s 80s and record highs may have lulled you into a false sense of reality.  Well, not any more!  A reality check comes in the form of Tuesday morning lows that could dip into the upper 20s in Northeast Indiana and low 30s as close as the Indy ‘burbs!

Freeze Watch: Posted for areas north/east of Indy for Monday night into Tuesday morning.

How Cold? Indy should be out of the danger zone, but fruit trees and non-hardy plants just north and east could have damage if not covered.  If you’re in the suburbs in a spot that usually gets colder than Indy, better safe than sorry.  Hardier plants like pansies and petunias should weather this cold just fine.

Freeze Facts: Our average last freeze in Indy isn’t for another 3 weeks!  April 17th is the average date….even later for the suburbs.

Severe Storms: Slight risk of severe storms Tuesday night into Wednesday morning – north and west of Indy

Rebounding Temps: After the cold Tuesday morning, we rebound to well above average temps again.  The average high is 56…average low is 36.  Every day (high and low) will be above average this week except for Tuesday morning.

Triple Conjunction:  Monday night we’ll get another chance to see the triple conjunction of Jupiter, the Crescent Moon, and Venus creating a triangle in the sky.   Look west after sunset.

Have a great week!
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