Freezing Drizzle May Create Icy Glaze This Evening

Areas of light freezing drizzle/rain will be around Central Indiana this evening and overnight.  Don’t let the “light” wording fool you… it may go a long way in making untreated roads slick with temperatures stuck in the mid-20s.


Definitely use caution tonight and early Monday morning, and be mindful that icy roads are possible.  Check back for updates.


Under a blanket a gray Monday temperatures remain steady in the mid/upper 20s.  Areas of freezing drizzle are possible in the morning.

plannerpm RPM_1

A quick-moving upper disturbance will ride through the Ohio River Valley late Monday night/early Tuesday morning.  This brings snow “potential” back in play for the southern half of the state… though admittedly there is a great deal of uncertainty on track and intensity.  For now I’m putting the I-70 corridor/south in play for snow “potential”… with a disclaimer it’s very subject to change.


Temperatures drop into the single digits Wednesday morning as clouds depart.  This will be one of a couple of mornings next week in the single digits.

RPM_4 7day

Next weekend looks unsettled with a return of precipitation.  There isn’t much model consensus regarding precip-type.  Stay tuned and be safe if you’re driving tonight – Sean Ash