Foggy Night On Tap

The combination of saturated ground and air over central Indiana will prove to be a foggy set up the next 12 to 18 hours.  However, areas northwest of Indianapolis are enjoying some blue sky and sunshine today.  Notice the web cam image from Purdue University at 5pm.


Contrast that view with a gloomy shot of the Indy skyline.


Live Doppler 13 Radar at the same time shows a cold front on the east-southeast side of the metro area.  This front is slowing due to atmospheric waves riding along the boundary.  The end result will be a longer than expected period of patchy drizzle, and locally dense fog.


I’m recommending adding some time to your Monday morning commute due to potentail low visibility.  It’s very possible some school districts will be on delay in the morning as well.


After a gloomy start, we should see a brighter/milder finish as the boundary layer begins to dry out.

plannerpm_2 highs_tomorrow

Providing we clear out, daytime highs will jump into mid 70s.  However, if the overcast holds longer than anticipated… my forecast high of 76 will bust big time.


I also want to point your attention to the 7 day forecast above.  Long range computer guidance is persistently showing a strong storm system in the Friday/Saturday time frame.  Though a long way out, current modeling of atmospheric dynamics would support strong/severe storms Friday and windy conditons Saturday.  This cold front will usher in some unseasonably cold air… and a “possibility” of a frost Sunday morning.  Stay tuned for updates – Sean Ash