Finally a Chance of Rain This Weekend

With 88% of the state currently in a drought, what we need is rain! And we may finally get some this weekend. Late today, some isolated showers or storms are possible (about a 20% chance).

Tonight, there’s the chance of a few storms that could turn strong to severe from Chicagoland to Central Indiana. There’s a 15% chance of severe hail, 15% chance of damaging wind, and 2% chance of an isolated tornado. While we don’t want severe storms, any that do form could bring some good downpours to bring some drought relief. We’ll keep scattered showers and storms in the forecast for your Father’s Day as well.

Yesterday’s high reached 91 and we could get just as hot (maybe a little hotter) today. I’m forecasting a high of 92. That’s 10 degrees above average and just 4 degrees shy of the record for this day set in 1913.

It’s another Knozone Action Day, so try to refuel after 6, combine errands, and if your grass is growing enough to need a mow, hold off til this evening if you can.

Air Quality Alerts continue for most of the Indy Metro, Bloomington, Columbus, and Brownstown. Air Quality will be in the CODE ORANGE – Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups – Category, which means if you’re elderly or very young or have any respiratory problems, it may become more difficult to breathe during the heat of the afternoon. Take Care!

Tomorrow, we’ll get a little bit of heat relief as well as a chance of some scattered showers and storms for Father’s Day. It won’t be a washout, but up to 1/2″ of rain is possible in some spots with a high of 86.

What’s ahead? After a brief day in the 80s for Father’s Day, we jump back to the 90s for much of next week. We’ve already had 5 days of 90-degree heat this year so far! There’s another chance at rain late Thursday and Friday in your WTHR-TV 7-Day.

Have a great weekend!
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