Did You See It This Morning?

There have been numerous reports of a fireball sighting across the southern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley this morning… including central Indiana.


Above is an image of fireball reports from the American Meteor Society.  Notice the high frequency in Indiana.  You can view the interactive map here: http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball_event/2013/2092 and if you saw the meteor/fireball you’re encouraged to make a report to the American Meteor Society here: http://www.amsmeteors.org/members/fireball/report-a-fireball

If you were lucky enough to snap a picture, please share with us on the WTHR Facebook page, Twitter or pix@wthr.com.  Thanks – Sean Ash


7 thoughts on “Did You See It This Morning?”

  1. I was waiting with my son for the school bus and we saw the biggest shooting star I’ve ever seen. It was in several pieces for a second, yellow and blueish and then it was done. So cool. We live on Harding Ridge Rd., Bedford, IN.

  2. I was in Plainfield getting into my car this morning and I was facing the northeastern section of the sky.
    Saw what looked like a shooting star heading what appeared to be northwest. This was
    about 5:15 am.

  3. Saw it this morning while walking the dog. Very low in the sky. Moving from right to left looking towards the south.

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