Daily Chance Of Storms This Week










Sunday marked the 6th time in 2013 Central Indiana experienced highs in the 70s.  The filtered sun and spring warmth were certainly a welcomed change of pace, and 20-25° warmer than Saturday!highs_today

Clouds and a steady southerly wind will keep temperatures from dropping much below the mid 50s overnight.  So expect a milder start in the morning as you prepare to dress the kids for school and the bus stop.morningplanner

Though I won’t rule out a stray sprinkle or shower in the morning, our best chances of rain/thunder will be during late afternoon/evening.


Monday marks the beginning of a daily chance of rain/storms in our forecast for much of the work week.  The culprit will be a stalled frontal boundary that will drape across the I-70 corridor.  South of the front will be much warmer than cooler air to the north.  The exact location of this boundary will prove challenging in forecasting temperatures this week.  Bottom-line there is BIG bust potential in daytime highs Monday-Thursday.


Below is a series of FutureTrak 13 images that exemplifies the temperature challenges ahead.



Notice Monday afternoon the 10° spread from Lafayette to Columbus…and the aforementioned higher rain chances that develop along the boundary in daytime heating.



The difference in temperature from north to south may be exponentially higher Tuesday.  Our latest FutureTrak 13 model run suggests as much as 15-20° differential due to the placement of the stalled front.RPM_4

Monday-Wednesday rain/storms will be scattered in nature due to limited upper level forcing.  A stronger upper level storm arrives Thursday, and triggers widespread heavy rain along a cold front…and potentially severe storms.  It’s easy to understand why when you see temperatures going from the 70s Thursday to 40s Friday in the 7 day forecast.  Check back frequently for updates on severe storm potential.