Cooler for Now…Plus Isolated Showers & Storms

After hitting 88 yesterday (warmest since September and just 2 degrees from a record), a cold front has shifted our winds to the cool northwest and dropped our temperatures significantly. Highs may only reach 60s north and west of Indy, with seasonable mid 70s in Indy and upper 70s to the south and east. Don’t get used to the cool change, it won’t last!

While we’re not expecting much rain, and isolated shower or storm may pop up this afternoon – just as these did at midday on Indy’s Northside. The best chance of rain will be Indy points south and east with disorganized showers and t-storms. Your lawn will appreciate the rain. If you don’t get wet this go-around, it could be next week before rain visits again.

Coming attractions include warming temps. We’ll be back in the 80s by Community Day Wednesday out at the Track. Humidity starts to creep in late week and we could see highs near 90 by the weekend! The hottest Indy 500 was 92 back in 1937. We could get close! And though most indications are for dry weather on Race Day Sunday, one computer model insists on isolated storms. I’ve thrown in an “isolated” with a question mark and will watch the trend closely in the days leading up to the race! It DOES look like scattered showers/storms may pop on Memorial Day Monday at this point.

By now you’ve probably seen some amazing shots of the Annular Solar Eclipse last night that was stunning from Japan to the West Coast. Most Hoosiers had no view whatsoever of the partial eclipse just before sunset yesterday, but if you look closely at our WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at noon, Stefan Hawkins of Peru caught the VERY beginning of the eclipse before the clouds took over. It’s a gorgeous pic regardless! Submit your pic! Just post it on WTHR’s Facebook page:

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