Cool July

It sure hasn’t felt like summer, and we’re going down in the record books for it.

It’s been the coolest July in more than 60 years in Indianapolis!

The National Weather Service has crunched the numbers:

The average temperature for the first 26 days of July is 5 degrees below normal…the second coolest of record and the lowest since 1947. The average maximum temperature so far in July is the lowest of record…nearly 2 degrees below the previous record of 1909. Temperatures will be warmer Monday and Tuesday…but both trends will continue through Friday. 

So far all of July’s daily average temperatures have been below normal except for the 10th. The temperature will fail to reach 90 degrees in July for the first time since 2004. This will be the 9th July since 1871 to not reach 90 degrees. Typically 7 days in July reach 90 degrees