Coldest Day Since Early February

A Canadian air mass and persistent low-level overcast produced our coldest daytime highs in 9 months.

The official high in Indianapolis of 32° is noteworthy for many reasons.  It’s 16° below normal, our coldest high temperature since February 11th of this year (25°), and the coldest November high in SEVEN years.  The last time Indianapolis had a November day with a high at or below freezing was 11/25/05 (28°).

Lows tonight likely occur around midnight, with clouds increasing temperatures in the mid 20s should hold steady.  But an unseasonably cold night (average low 32°) nonetheless.

Morning planner is cold for the Colts tailgate.  Mid/upper 20s around sunrsise (7:41am), and slowly climbing into the 30s by 10am.  Definitely layer up if you’re heading down to Lucas Oil Stadium.

Highs Sunday will be 10°-15° warmer than Saturday, but the southwest wind required for the warmth will actually put a big bite in the air.  Wind chills from the blustery wind will be in the 30s, so unfortunately it will never feel as warm as the actual highs.

The main forecast focus the next 7days will be on the Monday night-Tuesday morning time frame.   There is currently a disturbance in the north Pacific that could be a big weather player for us locally.  However, due to its location away from upper air soundings… we’re not going to have a high level of confidence on computer model guidance until Sunday evening.  So take the below model snowfall output images with that disclaimer, and realize MUCH can change over the next 24-36 hours. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Again, THIS IS NOT my forecast but an early guidance of the data sets we use to construct a local forecast.  The two most likely scenarios for Central Indiana are 1) system tracks far enough south most (southern viewing area could still be impacted) of us stay just cold and dry. 2) a more northern track along Ohio River deposits a snow accumulation (amount to be determined) along I-70 corridor.  Stay tuned for changes.

That’s the only notable feature in the 7day forecast.  Notice temperatures begin to creep back into the 50s later in the week.


Have a great evening!

Sean Ash

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