Coldest Air of the Season on the Way

Hope you enjoyed the warmth today, because our weather will be turning progressively cooler as we head into the next couple days!

*Wind: Today’s winds gusted up to 36 mph at the airport, 39 mph at Lucas Oil Stadium!  Winds will settle down for the next couple days, but Wednesday and Thursday look to be windy (and colder!)

*Rain: We had a few sprinkles move through today, but significant rain is heading in late tomorrow night and through the day on Tuesday.  Central Indiana could pick up 1” of rain and there’s washout potential for Tuesday.

*Temps: Today we hit 75, but tomorrow we’ll be stuck in the 60s.  If the rain sticks around all day Tuesday, it’s possible our temps could be stuck in the 40s, the coolest this season!  Chilly air stays in place mid to late week with a couple frosty mornings not out of the question.

Take Care,

-Meteorologist Chikage Windler
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