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Cloudy with a chance of Farmville

By · July 31, 2010 at 10:21 pm

With a couple clicks and a push in the right direction, the SkyTrak Weather Team has become the SkyTrak Facebook Team! While several members of the Eyewitness News team you see on air everyday has begun a takeover of the social media “airwaves,” the weather folks have taken off!

Now, in addition to getting your forecast and weather information on Channel 13, you can get it in your Facebook news feed, too!

Check out the fan pages:

Chris Wright

Chuck Lofton

Jude Redfield

Nicole Misencik

If you prefer your Twitter over Facebook, don’t miss Nicole there, too!

And just kidding about the Farmville thing. If I so much as see a lost cow anywhere around Jude Redfield, we’re shipping him off to MySpace!



Just for that I have to find a way to put cows all over Jude’s facebook page. Or better yet Tie a cow to his bumper in the parking lot.

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