Central Indiana Snow Totals

Meteorologist Jude Redfield has been busy on the phones getting updated snow totals from across Central Indiana.

Wow!  We really picked up some good snow totals across Central Indiana, with the heaviest falling in east central Indiana.

Here’s where we ended up:

Economy:  12″

Portion of Wayne County:  10″

Muncie:  9.5″

Rushville:  9″

New Whiteland:  8.5″

Frankfort:  8″ (5′ snow drifts)

Atlanta:  7″

Noblesville:  7″

Franklin:  6.5″

National Weather Service Indianapolis: 6.1″ (record snowfall Friday)

Seymour:  6.0″

Avon:  5.8″

Jamestown:  5.5″

9 thoughts on “Central Indiana Snow Totals”

  1. Hi I love your channel, We live in Winchester,I think we got a little over 10″ in town, the drifts are the worst part though

  2. I live just south of Greencastle. Even though no one ever wants to report on towns west of Indy, I believe we got abot 4″ and that’s all.

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