Brief Warm Up Before Arctic Invasion

Buckle up for a temperature roller coaster ride the next 48-72 hours.  We’re going up today and Saturday, and plummet early next week.

Under a blue sky this afternoon highs near 40° this afternoon, but a breezy southerly wind will make it feel more like 30°.

A warm, southwesterly wind continues to blow into Indiana Saturday… pushing temperatures close to 50° and a good 15° above normal.  Notice the cold front lurking to our northwest.  This is one in a series of cold fronts to impact the Ohio Valley/Great Lakes region next week.

Front #1 serves as more of an appetizer to the true Arctic air that arrives Sunday night/Monday.  Temperatures Sunday will remain mostly steady in the 20s.  Notice the temperature in Chicago and Peoria stays steady in the teens!  That’s the air mass that will be overhead Monday-Wednesday and cause temperature anomalies of 20°-25° below normal.

Those departures equal several days with highs in the teens and morning lows in the single digits.  Also wind chills be well below zero Tuesday morning in the core of the cold air.  The most impressive aspect of this air mass ( in my humble opinion) is getting single digits without snow pack in Indiana.  Indianapolis plummeted to 5° above on January 2nd, but that was greatly aided by 5″ of snow on the ground.  Bottom-line… it will be plenty cold, but could be much worse.

There will be some snow within the Arctic air advection.  At this time it doesn’t appear significant, though we’ll have to monitor wind trajectory off of Lake Michigan.  There is potential for lake squalls… especially north and northeast of Indianapolis.  Keep in mind that even a little snow will make roads slick in that kind of cold.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading the blog.

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