Best Rain Chance All Week

Our recent dry weather has now made history. In the month from May 10th to June 10th, Indy officially received only 0.65″ of rain. That’s the least in recorded history, even less than during the Drought of 1988 when 0.97″ of rain fell during that stretch. We need rain and our best chance comes today through early tonight with scattered showers and a few storms possible. It’s no guarantee we’ll get much rain and some spots may get missed altogether, so keep those sprinklers going! For now, I’m holding on to hope of up to 1/4″ of rain. After that, we’ll return to dry weather for the rest of the week.

A cold front moves through tonight and behind it, we’ll have slightly cooler and less humid air move in for a couple of days. But late week into Father’s Day weekend, we’ll be flirting with upper 80s to 90 yet again! Looking at the medium-range forecasts, there could be another decent rain chance, but not until the 22nd!

Finally, here’s our Hoosier Pic at Noon Monday – a wedding photo from Debbie Sizemore submitted on our WTHR-TV Facebook page. Debbie’s daughter Jamie (the bridge) and Jeremy Garrett (the groom) posed with a carton of ice cream for a pic – fitting on a hot summer day, especially since Jeremy is in ice cream sales! Submit your pic:¬†

I have my fingers crossed for rain!
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1 thought on “Best Rain Chance All Week”

  1. Can we have an explanation for this? Why does the rain seem to develop west of us, in IA, MO and IL, head east, break up over Indy, only to redeveolp again in OH? Our family tracks the radar pretty closely, and this seems to happen more times than not. Why is central Indian turning into a humid dust bowl?

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